It’s 2014, which means a few decades have passed since the first hydrogen enhancement MPG hoax darkened our doorstep. Even so, the passage of time- not to mention debunking after debunking after debunking– hasn’t stopped people from trying to cash in on the public’s ignorance of basic scientific principles and engine workings.

The latest of these enterprising fellows is Don Owens, who claims that his device is different from the ones that came before it (especially the one that ended up getting debunked on national television). His device, which he’s selling under the name “LeefH2” through a company called HNO, promises to “make particulate emissions a thing of the past” …


… really. And he’s launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise the $10,000 he needs to- well, he never really says what he needs the $10,000 for on his Indiegogo page.

Now, I’m not going to do much more here than provide the above links to the first few Google results I found on the matter. Over at our sister site, Ecopreneurist (where I first learned of the LeefH2), however, I’ve already engaged the commenters with facts, math, and a few extra helpings of snark, vitriol, and righteous indignation- which you are definitely welcomed to take part in.

That said, please remember that any modification to the fuel or emissions system in your OTR diesel semi or commercial vehicle can result in hefty fines under EPA laws, and (after repeated offenses) even felony charges in the state of California. So, even if you’re a believer and even if Don’s product really is the global savior it claims to be (it ain’t), I’d strongly suggest waiting for the LeefH2 to earn CARB approval and EPA certification before you put on on your vehicle.


Hydrogen Enhancer Bonus Video

If, like me, you really enjoy getting worked up by pseudo-scientific claims, semantic games, fear-mongering, and people using the word “Science” to gloss over their nonsense, you can check out the LeefH2’s “promotional” video for yourself, below. Enjoy!



Original op-ed by Gas 2 staff.