Though the Tesla Model S is as high-tech a car as there is, it’s still a car. That means plenty of room for customization, whether it be a $6,000 body kit, or a little lighted flair on your trunk lid.  This aftermarket LED kit that lights up the “T” on your Tesla trunk lid, and is available to pre-order for the cost of $215 (plus $6 for shipping) .

The LED-lighted Tesla T comes on when you power up your exterior lights, and even functions as an extra brake light, increasing in brightness when you hit the brake pedal. If you have good DIY skills, you can install it yourself, or just leave it to a professional. The Tesla Motors Club says it takes about 1.5 hours to get the job done. Add the lighted front T as well for a truly unique look, though right now it is limited to only the red color. Clever installers might be able to replace the red LED with a color that better matches their car though.

Only 60 units are available, so get your order in right away. For the $221 price tag, you get a lifetime warranty, and the knowledge that 10% of the purchase price goes back to the Tesla Motors Club to underwrite its work for the Tesla community and owners.

If only I had a Tesla to install it on…