biodiesel jarTrying to learn how to make biodiesel, or interested in seeing how it’s done? It always helps to get a visual, and you may not be aware that there are currently enough biodiesel videos on YouTube to develop an entire college course on the subject. I’ve thrown out a representative sample, just to give you an idea of what’s available.

While this is a good general introduction to homebrewing biodiesel, I have to repeat the disclaimer I made earlier (see 6 Ways To Find And Use Biodiesel Anywhere – Part II): before attempting this on your own it’s important to do your homework. Don’t trust it just because you’ve seen someone do it. Most of these videos don’t discuss the specifics of making biodiesel, and for that I would recommend a solid resource (also see the link just above): Biodiesel, Basics And Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Production And Use for the Home And Farm.

You’ll notice a lot of these videos utilize a homemade biodiesel reactor called the “appleseed” reactor. This is the simplest and cheapest way to build a biodiesel processing facility in your garage. The plans for it can be found here.

Number 1: Guy Makes Biodiesel In His Kitchen

I can’t believe his mother lets him do this in the kitchen, and where are his gloves?! (I have a particular affiliation for the video, though, since I had the same old truck.)

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Number 2: Newscast On Highschool Biodiesel Program

This video goes into greater depth on biodiesel quality control issues.

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Number 3: How to Make A Test Batch In a Blender

Quick demo of how to make a small batch of biodiesel in a blender. Notice the gloves and facemask.

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Number 4: The Chemistry of Making Biodiesel

Good explanation of the science of biodiesel, but potentially geared towards high-school students. Beware: this is discussion takes place on a whiteboard.

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Number 5: This is What a Biodiesel Garage Looks Like

This video probably does the best job of showing you what happens to a garage converted to a biodiesel processing facility. Good discussion of making biodiesel at home for about $0.70 per gallon.

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For more information on biodiesel, see Gas 2.0’s Biodiesel Guide :

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