lcd-bus-3Marketing geeks now have more tools than ever for promoting their particular brand or product into nearly every facest of your life. And while even your car’s dashboard may one day become a billboard for local advertisers, one of the oldest forms of mobile marketing is getting a 21st century makeover. This transparent, LCD-covered bus could change the way we advertise.

There are literally hundreds of different ideas with how to approach public transit, and in particular buses, but this latest concept really takes the metaphorical cake. Td Orlowski’s Willie Bus uses transparent LCD screens covering the entire exterior of the Willie Bus, able to project any image on its broad sides, from emergency messages to route details.

Of course the most natural application for this technology is to sell us a bunch of stuff we don’t need, and the advertising possibilities are nearly endless. The Willies Bus can also project objects on the opposite side of the bus, giving it a distinctly “transparent” look that is so futuristic it might as well come with its own synthesizer soundtrack.

Though still a concept for now, there is little doubt that we’ll see the application of this technology on most forms of public transit, and probably sooner rather than later.

Source: Wired