Even though Elon Musk has yet to debut the production version of the Tesla Model X, many of us are frankly more interested in the mass market followup, the Model III. Musk has gone on record as saying the Model III won’t look like a shrunken Model S, and while this rendering from Auto-Moto might be a little too Model S-ish, its also more hatchbacky, and I kinda dig it.

model-iii-rendering-2The most common Model III rendering floating about the Internet really isn’t much more than a smaller Model S with an overly-long hood. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than anything I could come up with, but I highly doubt the actual Model III will look anything like the older rendering (or the new one for that matter).

The proportions on the Auto-Moto rendering are much better looking, and I dare say I like the back end of this Model III better than the Model S. It looks a good bit sportier, which will help it stack up against the BMW 3 Series that Musk is always citing as a major competitor. I expect the Model III to offer SUV and wagon versions as well.

All that said, this rendering is really just another shot in the dark at imagining what the Model III will look like. I have every confidence in Tesla’s designers to put together a good-looking car. It’ll be up to Musk and his engineers to make the $35,000 price tag achievable though, and that may ultimately decide just how successful the Model III will be.

Images: Auto-Moto/JJODRY