Following the sudden death of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne a few weeks ago, lots of people have been sharing stories about the man credited for saving Fiat/Chrysler and revitalizing Ferrari’s F1 team. This one, though, was the most interesting. Apparently, there was a $50 million plan in place to revive the storied Lancia brand with an all-electric version of the 2004 Lancia Fulvia concept shown, above– and it was already funded.

According to Italian paper, il Giornale, executive Gianfranco Pizzuto had put together enough funding to build 2000-2500 Lancia Fulvia electrics per year, and presented that plan to Fiat’s board in December of 2017. It seems like this would have involved a bit of Fisker Karma-sourced technology, too (Pizzuto was an early investor in Fisker), but the Italian translation gets a bit weird, there.

All we really know, however, is that Marchionne was very much against the idea of electric cars. As such, if this deal ever did make it to his desk, it’s very possible he shot it down without giving it much thought. Here’s hoping Sergio’s successor, Mike Manley, is less of an idiot more open-minded.

Feel free to head on over to the original story and, if your Italian is better than mine (it has to be), feel free to point out anything I might have missed in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Until someone does that, though, just enjoy the old Fulvia concept, above, and imagine what could have been.


Source | Images: il Giornale.