Despite my much-professed and well-documented love for scooter-y things, the reborn Lambretta LN125 decided to bestow a tester to Spain’s Motorpasion … but they did such a great job reviewing the sexy little bike that I can hardly complain. Let’s face it, if your article involves riding a scooter inside a diner I think you have a winner.

This is an all-new Lambretta, from a new company that’s hoping to rebuild the legendary 1960s brand. This model, the LN125 features a 125 cc, 8 hp engine that should be good for between 45 and 50 real-world mph, with fuel economy somewhere in the 80-90 mpg range, as well as a telescoping fork front suspension and disc brakes on big (for a scooter of this size) 12″ tires. In terms of size and performance, then, it’s somewhere between Genuine’s Buddy 125 (which is smaller, but faster) and Yamaha’s Zuma 125 (which is bigger, but very likely slower). Style-wise, however, the newest Lambretta has it all over the latest from Yamaha, Honda, and (dare I say it?) Vespa. Here’s hoping, then, that some of the new Lambrettas make it Stateside – and into my garage …

… assuming there’s room next to my Lemonhead, that is. Are you listening, Santa?

Check out some of my favorite of Motorpasion’s excellent Lambretta photos in the gallery, below, or follow the links, at bottom, to the full gallery. (Google Translate may be helpful)

Source: Motorpasion.