This week at the Geneva Auto Show, boutique hypercar maker Koenigsegg unveiled its 1,500 horsepower Regera plug-in hybrid to a fawning automotive press. But driving a supercar all day, everyday isn’t always practical, and so for his daily driving needs, founder Christian von Koenigsegg drives a Tesla Model S.

This interesting little nugget of information was buried at the bottom of a CNN story about the Regera, though regular readers of this blog shouldn’t be too surprised. Koenigsegg was generous in his praise for the Model S, and Tesla in general, when he originally bought the electric sedan around this time last year. Since the introduction of the 691 horsepower Tesla P85D though, I imagine the supercar CEO has since upgraded his daily driver.

A more interesting story would be how, if at all, the Model S influenced Koenigsegg’s latest project. The Regera is the first plug-in from the hard-to-pronounce automaker (Ko-in-segg), and the company turned to Croatian EV builder Rimac for the 9 kWh battery pack. It’s become impossible to ignore the impact electric motors are having on the supercar industry, helping set a new industry standard for horsepower. But Elon Musk can’t take all of the credit, as people like Christian von Koenigsegg are pushing the envelope of electric performance to a level even beyond that of the P85D.

So how about an all-electric Koenigsegg supercar…? It might happen sooner than even I suspected.