Do windmills kill birds?

You hear some pretty stupid arguments against clean energy these days. From people who don’t know anything about farming bleating on about ethanol raising food prices to people who don’t understand what causes wind claiming that sailboats cause global warming by “slowing wind down”. These people huffed too much paint in their youth and are beyond saving, so I won’t pretend to try to educate them. The kids, though? The kids are innocent, and hearing that windmills kill birds is not something bound to give tomorrow’s decision-making adults a favorable impression re: wind.

SO, is it true that windmills kill birds? Yes. It’s thanksgiving, and you probably cooked a bird today, though, so what’s the real issue here? Shouldn’t the question, the correct question, be: What kills more birds, windmills, or coal power plants?

That is, in fact the correct question- and Zach Shahan at our sister site, CleanTechnica, has a terrific answer. You can check it out in the original article from CT, re-printed below. Enjoy- and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Wind Farm Bird Deaths vs Fossil Fuel & Nuclear Power Bird Deaths (via Clean Technica)

This article was jointly written by one of CleanTechnica’s readers and Zachary Shahan. It’s a shame when a beautiful (or even an ugly) animal dies. It’s a shame that wind turbines do indeed kill birds. However, every source of electricity we have…