Since the days of ZX-11 back in the 1990s, Kawasaki has been famous for building the biggest, baddest motorcycles around. Sure, Honda and Suzuki stole Kawi’s thunder with the Blackbird and Hayabusa, respectively– but line either of those up alongside the latest Kawasaki H2 and see what bikes pulls ahead. Keep that in mind, then, as I tell you the following: Kawasaki has patented a unique, oil and liquid cooled radiator system purpose-built for electric bikes.

The implications for the electric motorcycle market are potentially staggering, considering that even the ultra-quick Energica Ego and big voltage Zero models can make do with “just” air cooling. Heck– Kawasaki’s EV cooling system seems more complicated than Tesla’s, and the assumption is that Kawi’s e-bike will need all that cooling because its engine will be massively powerful.

Just how powerful the upcoming electric Kawasaki will eventually be is anyone’s guess. It may even be that the first electrified Kaws won’t even have liquid cooling and these patents are just the engineering department flexing its muscles. Still, I wouldn’t count out any company bonkers enough to build something like the H2. Would you?

Check out the patent drawings, above. Then, take a look at the monstrous H2 and let us know what you think of Kawasaki’s latest design work in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Kawasaki Ninja H2

Source | Images: Motorpasión.