Deltawing Coupe

Katherine Legge hits the track in the new DeltaWing coupe – an evolution of last year’s DeltaWing Spyder that competed at the 24 hours of LeMans and the Petit LeMans last year. Despite getting punted off the road by a Toyota hybrid in France, the car made a strong case for itself in the US, running significantly faster than many teams with more powerful cars and deeper pockets. This year, however, team DeltaWing’s pockets are Don Panoz’, and they’re about as deep as they come.

Panoz’ big bucks bought the team quite a few improvements to the car beyond the addition of a roof. The 2014 version of the DeltaWing features a new monocoque chassis (or “tub”) that’s compliant with the new ACO/FIA regulations, and also features a modified engine installation which “is all about better cooling, while giving us easier access to the exhaust and turbo systems,” according to the car’s designer, Simon Marshall. “We added an air intake on the roof which increased the cooling air by 50 percent,” explains Simon, “we repackaged where the turbo and intercooler sit and installed a bigger oil cooler, which is all definitely working. The windscreen, the doors, all the new parts all did what they are supposed to do. It was a successful day.”

You can watch the beautiful and talented Katherine Legge turn the DeltaWing Coupe’s wheels at Roebling Road in the video, below, and check out the chrome-iest DeltaWing spyder you’ve seen yet in the photo gallery at the bottom of the page.


Source | Photos: Katherine Legge, DeltaWing Racecars, via Racecar Engineering.