For years, the FIA has been lobbying the international Olympic Committee to promote motorsports at an Olympic level. Certainly, drivers are top athletes- but the question of whether they’re the right kind of athletes has persisted. It seems, however, that the time to recognize drivers’ athleticism is nigh- because karting will be a part of the next Youth Olympics.

“E-karting represents not only a new opportunity for you in terms of motor sport development, it also demonstrates that the world is changing and we need to be a change leader,” said FIA president, Jean Todt. “E-karting will also be demonstrated at the occasion of the Youth Olympics games in Buenos Aires in Argentina (in) October.”

The move is potentially a huge step forward for racing athletes and motor racing, itself. That certainly seems to be the view presented by FIA sport deputy president Graham Stoker, whose innovation sub-committee authorized the Youth Olympics event. “(It) has an opportunity for completely changing the approach to motor sport worldwide as an international federation. We can (now) go to an international and national Olympics committees and say ‘we have a sport that is showcased at the Youth Olympics’ and therefore as a consequence of that [motor sport clubs] will gain recognition and support.”

Participants in the Motor Sports Youth Olympics event will be competing in identically-prepared electric karts built as a collaboration between Bosch and the German kart manufacturer, Mach 1. The theory there is that drivers will get to showcase their endurance, strength, and reaction times more objectively in identical equipment, but there’s nothing stock about a stock car, you know?

Check out the kart in the photos, then let us know what you think about the prospect of motor sport being included in the Olympics in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Mach 1 Electric Racing Kart

Source | Images: Race Fans.