To celebrate the launch of the 2018 Honda Super Cub – the best selling motor vehicle of all time I should add – Honda wanted to do something special. As such, they reached out to the bike-building experts K Speed Customs and asked them to produce a Super Cub that would be truly memorable. This is that thing, and it is an awesome, awesome thing.

“We call this bike ‘Super Power Cub’,” a source at K-Speed says. “The concept for this bike is modern retro—so we combined new style, like the LED turn signals, with vintage style; wing-shaped handlebars, ‘sawtooth’ tires and finished in classic matt black and white. And still keeping the iconic part—the lower fairing.”

It’s worth noting that this particular bike is a one-off custom that’s not meant for sale. Even so, its cut-down frame is finished to an exacting standard that looks 100% production ready. No mean feat – and it’s an accomplishment made even more impressive by the fact that these guys had less than 30 days, start to finish, to get this bike built!

So, with that, feast your eyes on the Super Power Cub. Until the promised, all-electric Cub EV or hot-swappable Honda PCX electric bikes are available though, this is definitely the most desirable urban Honda out there.

Well, except for this grown-up EZ90 guy from Deus Ex Machina. And that 125 cc Honda Grom mini-moto deal, if you like shifting on your own. And the Motoped, obviously, which – I mean, come on. It’s a totally different thing, sure, but it’s just as desirable…

I wonder if we should make Honda Motorcycles’s “official” Valentine. What do you think?

Source | Images: Bike Exif, via HondaPro Jason and OverRide Photo.