The Isle of Man motorcycle race (or, “TT”, for time trial) is the most pants-crappingly fast and dangerous race you or anyone you know has probably ever heard of. The 37-plus mile event sees racer from all over the world blast through small town streets mere inches from solid rock walls and tall curbs. Literally hundreds of riders have been killed during the years the event has been run– and hundreds more have been seriously injured. Of all the thousands of riders who have come to the Isle of Man, however, no man alive knows it quite like John McGuinnes- a racing legend who has won the event a staggering twenty-three times. To call McGuinnes a legend is almost a disservice, and calling him “a God among men” probably gives other religious icons too much credit. That’s where I’m going with this, anyway. The guy is tough, fast, and wily enough to live through an event like the TT many, many times … and he really seems to dig this new video game.

TT Isle of Man is a new video game for mobile platforms that’s set to debut next month. The game seems to do a credible job of reproducing the sights and sounds of the real thing, too. That’s just how it seems, sure, but I’m basing that on these two things:

  1. The trailer (at top) looks just like the helmet-cam footage.
  2. John McGuinnes got almost teary-eyed playing the game.

You can watch the actual game trailer, below, as well as McGuinnes’ reaction to playing the game below that. Check them both out, then let us know whether or not you think the game looks worth a couple of bucks in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


TT Isle of Man Trailer + Review by John McGuinnes

Source | Images: TT Isle of Man, via Motorpasion.