Remember the movie “Hackers” starring Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie? I do. It came out when I was 15 and I thought there was nothing cooler in the world a person could be than a computer hacker on roller-blades. Every time I see the work “Hack” I think of that movie. The Honda Clarity Hack is a bit different. There are no roller-blades involved and no leading man named “Zero Cool.”

What Is It Exactly?

The Honda Clarity Hack is an app that allows you to “unlock” special features in your Honda head unit. I parenthesize “unlock” because Honda didn’t design the features, they are from a third party. The basic version of the Honda Clarity Hack will cost you ten bucks and will allow the driver to install apps via USB, enable steering wheel control for music and video apps, bypass the parking brake check, and hide/restore all apps with one tap.

The pro version will cost you twenty-five dollars and will provide MUCH more than the basic version. Some of the features included with the pro version that are not included with the basic version are one tap capability to free memory with whitelist support, one tap to clear app caches, opening the rear camera with one click, and showing CPU usage and battery voltage in the status bar.

According to the pros on the InsideEvs forum, the Honda Clarity Hack will also allow you to watch videos while driving…not that any of my dear readers would ever do such a thing!  The designer of the Honda Clarity Hack also built a back door into the software that allows you to return your head unit to factory settings if you need to get it serviced. You can then restore the software when your car is returned and no one will be the wiser. Very sneaky…almost as sneaky as a computer hacker on roller-blades.

Answer the Question!

So the question remains: is it worth it? Well, like with TeslaFi which we discussed here, it depends. For drivers who are really into the technology and wish to maximize their driving experience, it probably is. One user on the aforementioned forum reported that the Honda Clarity Hack was worth it for her simply because it allows the driver to navigate while the car is in motion.

Several Clarity owners who have used the Hack have complained about the various apps running slowly or crashing. This problem seems to be more of an issue with the processor in the car’s computer than an issue with the Hack itself. I counted at least three forum participants who attempted to get Netflix to work after installing the Hack and were disappointed when they couldn’t get movies to play.

Have any of our readers paid for the Honda Clarity Hack? Do you think it’s worth the ten or twenty-five bucks or are you better off saving your money? What specific features do you like and dislike? Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Source | Image: Honda Motors