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There is a rumor being circulated by German Magazine Auto Bild that might be of particular interest to racing fans everywhere. That rumor: Porsche is coming back to Formula 1.

That’s right- after another convincing win at the 24 Hours of LeMans earlier this month, Porsche seems to be setting its sights on other racing series. The all-electric Formula E series is particularly interesting, sure- but the budget there (even on the high side) is barely a tenth of what a full-fledged assault on Formula 1 would cost. Even so, Porsche execs will be sitting in at the next engine manufacturers’ meeting in Baku, where they’ll discuss future options with Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Honda.

Speaking of Honda, Porsche has to be looking their way. Especially since, after Honda’s very public failure since returning to the sport with McLaren back in 2015, would Porsche’s corporate masters at VW might be willing to take a similar risk of public failure Would they risk it?

Of course they would- and they’ve been planning the move for years.

Simply put, Volkswagen needs to move away from its diesel legacy. That means all of Volkswagen- and especially Audi and Porsche. Audi backed away from its dominant diesel racing program and is going all-in with Formula E. Porsche might go down that road, too- but a partnership with a real chance for success in F1’s hybrid formula could help establish Porsche as the go-to guys for go-fast hybrids in the same way that Audi’s wins at LeMans helped it become a posh brand internationally.

Yeah, yeah- Porsches are already pretty well-respected cars. Still, if Porsche wants to push back the AMG GTs of the world and make a case for a relatively pedestrian 911 over a more exotic Ferrari California, Formula 1 might be the place to get that done.

What do you guys think? Is a move back to F1- maybe even with their former partners, TAG (now with RedBull) or McLaren (now with Honda)- the right move for Porsche? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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