I’ll admit, never saw this one coming–using Mountain Dew as fuel. It surely makes the Mountain Dew Game Fuel much more appropriate!

Inventor Paul Patone has created the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor. A mod that allows you to run your car on about 80% water. Or possibly, just a nice cold Tab.

“I haven’t invented the engine; all I’ve invented is the fuel delivery system. And this system will fit a gas engine, a diesel engine, a furnace, a boiler, it will fit anything including jet turbines,” Patone explains.

Patone says that the unit vaporizes the soda additive before it even reaches the engine. But in order to run, some gasoline or diesel fuel must be added.

“You need to have about 20, 25 percent hydrocarbon. Then you can add the Mountain Dew to it or whatever you want to add,” he said.


The system has been 25 years in the making and it wasn’t an easy ride. According to the GEET website, he was the victim of inventor abuse by corrupt Utah officials and businessmen. After refusing to sell his patents and technology, he was framed for securities fraud and put in a mental ward at the Utah State Hospital in March of 2006. He was freed May of this year.

He currently lives in Albuquerque, N.M. Yah, I’d get the heck outta Utah too…just for the near-beer alone.

I wouldn’t say soda pop is the greenest fuel source around but I think this has potential. So far the invention has been used worldwide to gas up cars, tractors and lawn mowers.

I wonder how it runs on Jolt Cola.

Source: KRQE