Do you ever look at a car and marvel at how beautiful it looks? Well, Teslas usually draw this reaction from most folks, thanks to their sleek and modern design. However, to keep your Tesla visually appealing, you need to maintain it both inside and outside. Top on the maintenance list is cleaning; even the most beautiful car will still look unappealing if it’s dirty.

When it comes to cleaning your Tesla, using the wrong products or techniques can have detrimental effects. It’s essential to understand your car’s interior and exterior and the cleaning products that best suit it. Below, we look at some of the best cleaning solutions for the interior of a Tesla.

Best Interior Cleaning Kits for Teslas

1. Chemical Guys Interior Leather Cleaning Products

Love the look and feel of your new Tesla leather seats? Well, now you can keep them looking new for longer.

Recently, Tesla has started offering a vegan leather finish for their Models S and X called the Chemical Guys’ Leather Cleaning Kit. The kit comes with a leather cleaner and conditioner, each of which is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) approved.

To clean your leather correctly, first use the leather cleaner to remove all the oil and dirt. With the leather free of ingrained dirt, you can nourish and condition it with the leather conditioner. The final result is a leather interior that is silky and smells just like when you purchased it.

These products are odorless and colorless.

2. RPM Car Cabin AC Cleaning Kit

If you start to smell something funky when you turn on your air conditioning, chances are you need to clean it. Since Teslas are electric cars, you can comfortably drive for two years without needing primary service. But by the end of this period, turning on your AC may not give you the blast of fresh air you’re expecting.

RPM, an official Tesla aftermarket parts supplier, offers you a chance to keep your AC bacteria-free with its cabin filters and EVAP cleaning kit. The EVAP cleaning filter runs about $40 and fits just like a regular Tesla filter. A bigger and more durable RPM unit costs around $80 and will provide you fresher air through your vents.

Installing these two products is quite simple. It takes around 30 minutes to change the filter, and the effect is instantaneous. Although RPM is a certified aftermarket parts retailer for Tesla accessories, Tesla will not cover this filter in the warranty.

3. Screen Cleaning Pads

The fascinating feature of any Tesla is the touchscreen infotainment system. Unfortunately, since the screen is your primary form of interaction with your Tesla, greasy and sweaty fingerprints make the screen cloudy and less responsive to touch.

With Abstract Ocean’s leather screen pads, you can wipe your touchscreen and remove fingermarks and dirt. The beauty of using leather cleaning pads is that they don’t look out of place on your dashboard. In the right color, they might complement some of your other interior accessories as well.

Made from synthetic fiber, you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in making this product. You also don’t have to worry about using cleaning fluid because you can use these pads cleaner free.

4. Cordless Car Vacuum

Having kids in your car can be frustrating; sometimes, they stick things anywhere and everywhere. Even without kids, dirt sometimes gets into hard to reach places in your car’s interior.

The best way to keep your interior clean is by using a cordless vacuum cleaner. The Dyson Animal DC 65 is a good example of a vacuum that will leave your interior spotless. It’s easy to use and will take you a maximum of 30 minutes to clean a Tesla’s interior.

5. Maguiar’s G55032 SP

The Maguiar’s G55032 SP is probably the most complete car cleaning kit you can buy. It has 12 individual products, including a conditioner and shampoo. The kit only lacks a cleaning bucket.

The kit includes car wax that will leave your car looking clean and shiny. The wax and conditioner are also made to eliminate dirt and grease while not affecting the finish on your vehicle.

Buying this kit will ensure that your Tesla looks spotless both on the exterior and interior.

6. Chemical Guys HOL169 Arsenal Builder Wash Kit

Another brilliant cleaning kit you can get is from Chemical Guys. This kit has 16 pieces of cleaning accessories, brushes, and fabricators. Interestingly, apart from conditioners, brushes, and applicators, this kit also has a microfiber mitt to help you hand wash your car’s interior surfaces.

Chemical Guys products are ideal for Teslas, and the HOL169 Arsenal Builder Wash Kit is a perfect purchase to keep your car clean.


Car maintenance goes beyond the regular oil change. Cleaning your car keeps it in good condition and visually appealing too. It’s always important to use the right products to clean the inside of your Tesla. These are just a few of the products that you can use to keep your Tesla’s interior clean at all times.