The Tesla Model X is a groundbreaking advancement in both electric cars and SUVs. Just like any other car, the Tesla Model X has rear towing capabilities so that you can attach your racks, trailers, and campers. This hitch, which is a Class III SAE hitch, is pre-installed to the vehicle’s rear frame, where it is barely noticeable. This is because a plastic panel covers it underneath the car, so unless you are looking for it, it will pretty much be unseen.

Its optional tow package costs upwards of $750 — a little pricy, I know — but it’s worth the steep price. The kit comes with a 2″ hitch receiver that can tow up to 5,000 lbs. and a set of 19″ wheels. The other hitch can tow anything up to 3,500 lbs. and has much larger wheels of 22″.

Apart from a sturdy hitch that can pull your camper or boat, you can mount a bike rack and also attach a trailer for moving larger items. It’s pretty handy as far as tow hitches go, and installing it on your Tesla Model X is a decision you will not regret.

The optional towing package from Tesla also includes a propriety hitch receiver. It would be wise to install the receiver and the hitch so you can learn what goes where in this tow package. The unit uses a vertically-installed twist and lock system. This is very different compared to other cars. Although there is a learning curve when it comes to installing it to your Tesla, best believe it’s nothing you can’t handle. Just take your time to understand all the components.

How It Works

This is a basic run-down of the mechanics behind the towing package. Underneath the rear end of your Model X, there is a removable cover that hides the docking mechanism for the hitch receiver. This is where you will insert the hitch receiver. Once it’s in, lock it to the dock of the car.

There are only three main elements that you should be concerned with when you want to attach the towing mechanism in your Tesla Model X.

These are:

  • The Ball Mount: This is a solid bar that attaches to the Hitch Receiver. It is sometimes called the ball mount shank or hitch bar, and it is sold separately.
  • The Hitch Ball: This is what attaches the trailer to the car, and it is sold separately.
  • The Hitch Receiver: This part comes with the Tesla when you buy the tow package, and is sometimes called the hitch box.

Finding the Correct Hitch Ball and Mount

In the U.S, there are three standard trailer hitch balls: 1 7/8″, 2 5/16″, and 2″.

The most commonly used hitch ball is 2″. It is compatible with most trailers and campers and is the best fit for the Model X. You need to purchase the correct ball mount that aligns with the 2″ receiver. This will hold the ball at the right height and so what you are towing is level to the rear end of your vehicle.

Although they are sold separately, you can easily find one made for your Model X that comes with the cotter pin and the pull in.

Troubleshooting Misalignment

One of the biggest issues you may potentially face is the misalignment of your Model X rear bumper with what you are planning to tow. This is because the Model X rear bumper is lower than that of most cars. It is not as simple as only installing the ball mount. To counter this problem, flip the ball mount and attach it again to the vehicle. It should now be raised, not dropped. If you don’t flip it over, you risk having what you are towing breaking away from your Model X.

Loosening Your Ball Mount

Using a big wrench will help you loosen the ball from its receiver so you can mount it up again. After the ball is mounted, you also need to lock in the threads. If you are going to use it, you need to ensure its longevity.

Electrical Connection

Something that Model X owners tend to forget is the electrical connection between your car and what you are towing. The Model X uses the 7-way round electrical connection, and if what you are towing uses the same, you are good to go. If the connection is not compatible, a 4-pin electrical connector will do the trick.


If you are thinking about getting a towing package for your Tesla Model X, go for it. If you love adventure and love taking your Model X, then there is no greater way to do so than by attaching your trailers, campers, boats, and bikes for an off-road experience. Plus, you get to test the limits of your Model X and understand what all the hype from car enthusiasts is about. Hook that trailer up, and you are ready to roll.