We love interesting concept cars here at Gas2.org. We especially love concepts that go outside the box to figure out ways to improve fuel efficiency.

Valentin Technologies is hard at work coming up with a 5-passenger sedan that accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds, and can go over 1,000 miles on just 6 gallons of gas. They can do this, they claim, through a unique hybrid gas/hydraulic engine system and a an extremely light weight of about 1,600 pounds. But is it just vaporware?

As of right now, the IngoCar exists solely on paper. Valentin Technologies is looking for about $4 million to build the first prototype, so don’t expect to see this car on the road anytime soon. But you’ve got to admire IngoCar’s gusto. Their hydrostatic power train system uses a gas engine to pump fluid into an accumulator which drives separate hydraulic wheel motors. Rather than relying on traditional brakes, the motors pump fluid in the opposite direction bringing the car the a smooth, slow stop. At least, that is the theory.

IngoCar claims that their ultra-efficient engine and lightweight would produce real world gas mileage of between 130 mpg and 170 mpg.  The IngoCar would cost about $40,000, at first, with prices inevitably coming down. If the IngoCar ever makes it to the prototype stage (never mind production) it could change cars for the better. Or it may end up being just another good idea relegated to the annals of history.

Source: AutoBlogGreen | Valentin Technologies | Image: dDesign