tesla-info-2While Elon Musk hopes to that Tesla Motors is the vanguard of the future car manufacturing, the company still relies on a small number of parts suppliers to put the car together. This neat infographic shows who makes what on the Tesla Model S, and you might recognize some of these names.

Tesla has done their homework, and many suppliers, like Brembo and Magna, are considered top-tier suppliers. Yet many of these companies are located outside of the U.S., with Brembo headquartered in Italy and Magna calling Canada home. Still, Tesla makes an overwhelming majority of the Model S components in-house, including proprietary parts like the battery pack, motor, and on-board charger.

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This has allowed Tesla to license and manufacture parts for other companies, including Daimlerand Toyota for projects like the RAV4 EV. Even so, Tesla certainly finds it more cost-effective to contract out certain specialty parts, like the headliner (Magna), antenna (Harada) and battery chiller (Modine) to other companies. But the most important stuff Tesla keeps in-house…and other automakers might decide to bring more of their own production in-house, if Tesla is successful.

From modern manufacturing methods to 21st century showrooms, Tesla is rocking the boat of the auto industry. But will it pay off?

Source: Automotive News