BOLT M1 Electric Bike

With an electronically-governed top speed of 20 MPH in its normal “Economy” mode, the Bolt M-1 motorbike is fully sidewalk legal in its home state of California. Which means that you should probably take your earbuds out if you intend to keep, you know, walking on sidewalks!

Regardless of the Bolt M-1’s sidewalk legality (which, by the way, is ludicrous), the electric moped/bicycle’s makers seem to have put together a decently styled package that combines the aesthetic of a cafe racer/Tomos Streetmate with just the right amount of smartphone interaction- a charger and a dock- to make it feel modern. Best of all, the M-1 features a 29 mile all-electric range and a top speed of more than forty miles-per-hour in “Sport” mode.

At an estimated $5000 once Bolt starts delivering production bikes, the M-1 isn’t cheap. It is, however, less expensive than many other boutique bike- and those don’t can’t deliver a 40 MPH top speed if you need to get away from the neighbors’ crazed Rottweiler!

What do you guys think? Is the Bolt M-1 worth the asking price when you compare it to Local Motors’ Cruiser or the Honda-powered Motoped, or are other sidewalk-legal EVs like the Ryno or something like the Ford Pedego project a more worthy adversary? Check out all of the contenders, then let us know who you think your moped/electric bike money should go to in the comments section!


BOLT M-1 Electric Moped

Source | Images: Bolt Motorbikes, via Dude I Want That.