It may not be setting the world on fire with a high-output, super go-fast electric motor like Honda Mugen or Zero, but Swedish motorcycle builder Husqvarna has just launched its first all-electric motorcycle. It’s called the Husqvarna EE 5, and it’s designed for young riders taking their first steps rides into an electrified, two-wheeled future that, Husqvarna hopes, will have them coming back to the brand for a lifetime of purchases.

Husqvarna is targeting the 50cc class of bikes currently dominated by Honda’s CRF50F and Yamaha’s TTR50– but the Swedish bike is very much targeting the high end of that class with 35 mm WP XACT forks that offer 205 mm of travel up front paired to a single, fully-adjustable rear shock (also from WP) to ensure exceptional damping characteristics. Hydraulic brakes, lightweight wheels, and tapered handlebars from NEKEN round out the already high-spec motorcycle’s lineup of components– and all of those are bolted to a similarly high-spec frame made of ultra lightweight chromoly.

On the powertrain side of things, the all-electric EE 5 is good for up to 2 hours of trail riding or 25 minutes of continuous, WOT racing– more than enough, in other words, to finish a few heats and a main at (what is sure to be) these kids’ levels of competition. That competition which will probably involve Yamaha rather sooner than later, come to think of it. Honda probably will, too.

What do you guys think? Is the Husky brand going to be able to chip away at the internal combustion establishment by starting ’em young, or is this just a shameless electric PR grab? Let us know what you think of the new EE 5 in the comments section at the end of the post.


Husqvarna EE 5 Electric Motorcycle

Husqvarna Motorcycles are proud to launch the new EE 5 – an electric engine Minicycle that continues the brand’s pioneering motocross journey and delivers a complete and fully adaptable, five-kilowatt competition machine. Set to rival any 50cc fuel-powered motorcycle, the quick-charging EE 5 combines the latest high-quality componentry with bodywork specifically designed to give young riders an ergonomically effortless, all-electric riding experience.

The first ever electric model from Husqvarna Motorcycles, the EE 5 offers youngsters an environmentally friendly way to learn, compete and have fun. Easily adaptable, the ride height can be simply adjusted to keep pace with an improving or growing rider. Delivering two hours of riding enjoyment for beginners and 25 minutes for serious racers, the supplied charger takes just 70 minutes to fully charge the lithium-ion battery.

Featuring the latest suspension technology, the EE 5 is fitted with 35 mm WP XACT forks that offer 205 mm of travel and combined with a fully-adjustable WP rear shock ensure exceptional damping characteristics. A high-strength chromoly frame, hydraulically operated brakes, lightweight wheels, tapered NEKEN handlebars and striking graphics complete Husqvarna Motorcycles pioneering, all-new EE 5 machine.



  • State-of-the-art electric motor with 5 kW peak performance
  • 6 different ride modes, easy to select
  • 907 Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Quick charging
  • High-end chassis with race proven technology
  • Modern, Swedish-inspired design
  • Ergonomic bodywork and adjustable seat height
  • WP suspension — XACT air fork and rear shocks


Accompanying the EE 5, Husqvarna Motorcycles offer the KIDS RAILED GEAR – a range of offroad clothing and protective equipment that ensures safe and comfortable riding. Designed specifically with tomorrow’s champions in mind, premium materials are mixed to ensure stylish and functional garments. In addition, a line-up of ACCESSORIES is available for the EE 5, which enhance performance and increases protection

Source | Images: Husqvarna Motorcycles, via Electrek.