In May of this year, Tesla infuriated some when they decided to discontinue HomeLink for all new standard Model 3s. The feature is still available as an option for around $300. In an internal memo to sales staff, Tesla management stated the following:

“Starting today, HomeLink will be removed from Model 3 Premium interior cars in North America. With this change, all Model 3 cars will no longer be equipped with HomeLink. Model 3 customers interested in upgrading to HomeLink can purchase on our Tesla shop here. Upon purchasing, this upgrade requires installation from service.”

It isn’t abundantly clear what prompted the change in policy, although profit margins are always a culprit. HomeLink is a handy feature and there is no doubt that some customers will choose to opt for it.

I am notorious for losing things. I’ve lost several garage door openers over the years and a feature like HomeLink would probably come in handy for me. This got me thinking a bit…is there a way to program HomeLink without a remote?

A Few Options

Most of the how-to guides I found online specifically mention using a remote to program HomeLink. For a work around, I had to go to the Tesla Motors Club forum. As I have mentioned previously, I love that place.

User “superh0” asks:

“I don’t have a remote anymore and I’m having difficulties trying to program my m3 with my liftmaster. I tried programing with the car in and outside the garage. Both times failed. Any suggestions would be great!”

While several forum participants simply answered no, there were a few helpful suggestions from the peanut gallery. User “TT97” chimed in saying:

“I was in the same situation – had Homelink in my old car and no clue what happened to my remote. I ended up buying a keychain remote (which is also convenient to have when you have a loaner for a few days).”

User “SpudLime” offered the following advice:

“do you have a pin pad on the side of your garage for entry? Take that off the wall and use that.”

The Ultra-Cheap Option

On a separate thread covering the same issue on the Tesla Motors Club forum website, a user by the name of “DaveVa” suggests the following:

“Just borrow a neighbor’s remote. In reality the homelink cloning is really only learning the type of remote. With rolling codes you then pair your remote (homelink) with your specific garage door. I used the same remote to pair both of my garage door openers. Once cloned they have a unique rolling code going forward. You just need to find a neighbor with the same brand of door. If it was builder installed the will be the same throughout the neighborhood.”

So there you have it folks. You will need a remote of some kind of remote to program Tesla HomeLink. The good news is, that you can buy one on the cheap or even borrow one from a neighbor to do the trick. Good luck!

What do our readers think? Has anyone found a super-secret workaround to programming HomeLink without a remote? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors