1000 HP Electric Acura NSX Hillclimb Monster

Acura’s long-awaited, second-generation NSX finally arrived early last year. That meant that Acura (read: Honda) was back in the exotic sports car game- and they have wasted no time getting the word out. To that end, the company grafted one of its new NSX body onto one of its old, race-winning IMSA racing chassis, packed it with 1050 HP worth of electric motors, and rocketed the thing up the historic Pike’s Peak Hillclimb track.

In the hands of Japanese rally ace, Tetsuya Yamano, the car was good enough to clock a 9:06 run up the mountain. That time was good enough for 3rd place finish overall at the 2016 Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb (PPIHC).

You can check out the relatively quiet video, below, and let us know both what you think of Acura’s electric monster and of the siren that’s being used on the car to alert people that there is a car coming something wicked this way comes. Maybe we can use this NSX to help reignite the whole “electric cars need to make noise because: safety” debate again? We’ll see- in the meantime, watch this crazy beast blast its way up a mountain in Colorado. Enjoy!


Electric Acura NSX vs. Pike’s Peak Hillclimb

Source | Images: Hillclimb Monsters, via Drive Tribe.