We’re big fans of the Honda Clarity here at Enrg.io– even going so far as to call the 2018 Honda Clarity electric “the best EV Deal of the Year” in 2018. Part of the rationale behind that statement was that a Honda Clarity buyer could– for not a lot more than the cost of a Nissan LEAF or Toyota Prius— get a car that was massively more complicated. That added layer of complication– or, “sophistication”, if you ask Honda– was especially notable in the PHEV variant of the Clarity, which has since been discontinued. That means that, if you’re looking at a Clarity, you’re looking at a used one, and you might be asking yourself: How much does a Honda Clarity battery replacement cost?

It seems like a straightforward question to answer, but I found that answer tough to pin down– which, considering my super-strong Google-Fu, was a bit disturbing.

The problem seemed to come from the question itself, as simply typing, “How much does a Honda Clarity battery replacement cost?” into the searchbar gave me great information– for swapping the car’s conventional 12V battery. That 12V battery powers things like the Clarity’s dashboard and headlights. It’s good information, but I wanted the hybrid battery’s cost, and there were almost no results for the high-voltage, hybrid battery pack that actually powers the car’s electric motors.

The breakthrough came when I started to skip the search engine and go right to Honda’s parts diagrams. Once I made that move, I was able to find the part number, and getting the Honda Clarity battery replacement cost, from there, was pretty straightforward. Here we go.


Honda Part No.: 1D100-5WJ-A01 (1)

Image Courtesy of Honda

With that out of the way, let’s get to the real reason you’re here. You want to know how much a Honda Clarity battery replacement costs! Well, according to Honda Parts Wholesale Direct, the list price for the Clarity PHEV’s battery pack assembly is $5538.50 (USD). To me, that seems pretty reasonable. Doubly so, considering that a hybrid’s battery pack is as essential and “major” a component as, say, the transmission in a conventional ICE vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that I found a few of these battery packs out there at significantly reduced prices. One vendor on EBay listed a pack assembly— with a guarantee!– for “just” $3000, and even the Honda Parts website I linked to, above, was advertising a 12% discount right off the bat. That puts the “street price” of a new battery somewhere in the $4800 range, in my book. If you have a good relationship with your Honda service advisor, you may be able to get that price. Just keep in mind, you’ll still have to pay for installation, which could be several hours’ worth of expensive shop labor– so, you know, don’t beat them up too badly before you get that number, too.

What do you guys think? Is that $4800-5500 price range for a new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid battery in line with your expectations, or is it way off the mark? If it’s off, what do you think a “right priced” battery might be? Scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page, and let us know!


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