Last week we brought you a step by step guide on syncing your phone to your Tesla Model 3. In continuing with this series, today we take a look at the best method for Tesla Model X Bluetooth pairing. I love the Model X. I love the quirky design and the falcon doors. Tesla will begin deliveries on the Model Y in March. Something tells me that I’m going to like that car as well. I’m partial to crossover SUVs because they are functional and fun to drive. Look for a whole mess of articles on our site about the Model Y in a few months. Until then, we have the Y’s older, bigger brother, the Model X to discuss. Without further adieu, here is the best method of Tesla Model X Bluetooth pairing.

Step 1: Click on Your Bluetooth Icon and Select Your Phone

The Bluetooth icon is located in the right hand corner of your Model X’s touchscreen. It will look something like this:

Image result for bluetooth symbol"

Once you click on this icon, a new screen will pop up. This screen will have buttons labeled “Add New Device,” “Start Search,” and “Cancel” to choose from. You will click on the “Start Search” button. Once you tap on this button, you should see a spinning circle and a button that is labeled “Searching…” Let the car search for a minute and the name of your phone will (hopefully) appear near the top of the screen. If it does not pop up, you may want to check the settings on your phone or device to make sure that Bluetooth is on and discoverable.

Step 2: Add Your Device

The device you would like to connect should now be ready to connect. Tap on the button with your phone’s name on it. Another spinning circle will appear and the button should now read “Adding device…” Next, a six-digit number will be generated and the touchscreen will ask you to “Confirm that this number is displayed on your device.” Look at your phone or other device you are pairing, a “Bluetooth Pairing Request” should pop up. This request will read “Tesla Model X would like to pair with your phone. Confirm that this code is displayed on Tesla Model X.” The number on your phone should match the number on your touchscreen. Tap on the button on your phone that reads “Pair.”

Step 3: Sync Contacts and Favorites

Another pop up on your phone will ask you if you want to “Allow Contacts and Favorites Sync?” It will read, “Your car may request your contacts, phone favorites, and recent phone calls over Bluetooth. Do you wish to allow this?” If you do, tap “Allow.” If not, tap on “Don’t Allow.” Your device should be all set and ready to use with your Model X!

For an excellent step by step instructional, I urge you to check out this video from Tesla Tim on YouTube:

What do our readers think? Have you found any additional methods for connecting your phone to your Model X? Please leave us a comment and share your secrets with the class.

Source | Image: Tesla

Source | Video: Tesla Tim via YouTube