In continuing with our series, today we take a look at the best method(s) for Tesla Model S Bluetooth pairing. We have provided overviews of syncing your Model X and Model 3 in the past. If you haven’t had the chance to read these tutorials, I would be honored if you would click here and here to do so. Tesla would be nowhere near as successful as it is today without the Model S. And business is good for Elon and Company. Tesla is now valued at almost $160 billion. That makes it the second most valuable car company behind Toyota. If you’re lucky enough to be a party of automotive history and own one, here’s the best method for Tesla Model S Bluetooth pairing.

Step 1: Tap the Bluetooth Logo on Your Touchscreen

From the home screen, look in the upper right-hand corner for a symbol that looks like this and tap it:

Image result for bluetooth symbol tesla"

Step 2: Select Your Phone

After tapping the Bluetooth logo, the screen should give you two choices: “Add a Bluetooth Device,” or “View Devices.” If the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on, tap on “View Devices.” You should see your device pop up. Tap on your device and your phone should connect automatically. If you do not see your device after tapping this button, try tapping the “Add a Bluetooth Device” button and opening the Bluetooth menu on your phone. You should then be able to connect your phone to your car as opposed to connecting your car to your phone…if that makes any sense.

Step 3: You’re All Set! Or Are You?

Your screen should now display a button that is labeled “MEDIA.” Tapping this button will allow you to play podcasts, music and more using the speakers in your Model S. If this does not work, it is recommended that you delete any superfluous phones that may be popping up in Step 2. To accomplish this, simply select any device that you are not using and will not use in the future. Tap on this device or these devices and select “Forget This Device.” Once you tap this button, a prompt will ask you if you really want to forget this device. Don’t worry, you can always reconnect later if you do decide you want to use this device. Removing any devices you aren’t using will make for an easier and smoother connection process.

If all of these processes fail, we recommend that you first perform a “soft” reset of your vehicle. If that doesn’t work, you can try a “hard” reset of your Model S. Please click here for step by step instructions on each of these tasks.

As per usual, I’ve included an excellent tutorial from YouTuber “oldsupra.” You can check it here:

Any Model S owners out there who have advice for the class when it comes to connecting a smart phone? What techniques have you used to overcome any connection issues? Please drop by the comments section below and let us know.

Source | Image: Tesla

Source | Video: oldsupra via YouTube