As we previously reported, Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is betting big on the Fiat 500e. Whether or not this strategy will pay off is anyone’s guess. If Car and Driver is correct, this may be a huge mistake. While I personally have not driven the 500e, I I think it’s kind of cool. When Pope Francis came to visit us in 2015, he was chauffeured around in a Fiat 500. Granted, it was a 500l and not a 500e but I still have fond memories of seeing him climb into his tiny ride. I figure if it’s good enough for the Holy Father, it’s good enough for me! All that aside, if the 12 volt battery in your Fiat 500e is dead and gone, here’s how you can replace it on your own.

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Just to Clarify…

Today’s writing is about replacing the 12 volt battery in your Fiat 500e. Your car also contains a larger, lithium-ion battery that is used to power the motor and make the car go. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever attempt to fiddle with this battery in any way unless you are properly trained to do so. As much as we love the DIY spirit, the last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt.

It should also be noted that Fiat does not recommend that you attempt to change the 12 volt battery yourself either. According to the owner’s manual for the 2015 500e:

“Your vehicle has both a high voltage DC and AC system as well as a 12 Volt system. DC and AC high voltage are both extremely dangerous and can cause
severe burns, electric shock, serious injury or even death. In order to avoid personal injuries:
• Follow all Caution and Warning labels attached to the High Voltage components.
• Do not remove or replace any of the 500e System components. All replacement or repairs of 500e System components should be performed by a factory-trained technician at an authorized dealer.”

So, if you’ve decided that you don’t care and are still willing to try and replace the 12 volt battery in your Fiat 500e on your own, check out this step by step video that clearly explains how to do so:

Tighten Up

A user name “inthemovie” posting to the Fiat 500 forum warned fellow 500e owners that when replacing the 12 volt battery:

“The connections on the 12 volt battery need to be tight. Some 500e cars the 12 volt battery connections are loose and this can trigger the warnings and make the 500e not drivable.”

While it may seem obvious that the connections on a car battery should be tight, I appreciate this user emphasizing that the connections may need to be tighter on the 500e than a normal car. It’s advice like this that makes various car forums worth reading, especially when dealing with all-electrics.

Any of our readers out there drive a 500e? What do you like and dislike about your car? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Image: Fiat Chrysler

Source | Video: Siemi via YouTube