According to chief chassis engineer for Honda’s CR-Z, the much-hyped hybrid was heavily influenced by the Lotus Elise.

Terukazu Torikai said–via YouTube subtitles–that the basic concept for the CR-Z was to be fun to drive. In fact, the car was not only inspired by Lotus. The MINI Cooper and Volkswagen’s Scirocco also played a part in its design. I’m just happy we’ve moved past the original Insight (fugly).


“We wanted to realise the agile handling of the Mini and easy-to-drive performance for daily use, which we believe we achieved,” Torikai  said.

Explaining the development process, he said, “This car was brought to Europe at each prototype stage to be tested under various road conditions to evaluate whether the desired performance had been achieved.”

Norio Tomobe, CR-Z project leader, says the CR-Z will make it a guilt-free sports car.

Source: Autocar