honda-s660-2The automotive world is downsizing in every conceivable way, and automakers are trying to find new ways to delivering a sporty ride while steadily increasing fuel economy. The Honda S660 is a new concept car that is small-car personified, with a tiny engine, low weight, and rear-wheel drive. This is the car Honda needs to make.

Tipping the scales at around 1,900 pounds, the Honda S660 is a miniaturized Honda S2000, and somehow took that already-small car and made it smaller. The concept makes its debut at the Tokyo Auto Show, and fits into Honda’s global plan to inject some excitement back into their lineup.

Under the tiny hood is a turbocharged three-cylinder displacing just 0.6 liters and making 67 horsepower, which it sends to the rear wheels. While that amount of power sounds paltry, the S660 is so light that it should still be able to deliver a sporting ride. Keep in mind too this is only a concept car, and should it actually make it into production a larger engine would most likely displace the three-banger.

The tiny, open-top sports car is definitely interested by Honda’s earlier concept, the EV-Ster, though the electrified drivetrain was ditched in favor of the tiny combustion engine. Personally, I’d rather have the hybrid or pure-electric setup, but in order to maintain that featherweight, Honda had to keep things simple.

And sometimes, simple is the greenest thing of all.

Source: Honda