Do you remember the Motocompo? Do you remember the super-awesome Honda of the 1980s? The Honda that built the Gyro scooter, oval-pistoned NR750 superbike, reinvented the Ferrari with the NSX, and reinvented the sportscar with the CRX Si?

Honda does, and it’s drawing more inspiration from its own past with each new mention of the CR-Z, the upcoming “new” NSX hybrid, and – now – this. Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, this new suitcase scooter invokes the departed spirit of the old Motocompo foldable scooter, and calls itself the MOTOR COMPO, in case you’re too young to recognize the Motocompo on sight.

The Motocompo isn’t the only source of inspiration for the new electric moped; a Honda employee (who remains nameless in the original, Japanese-language article) said that while the Motocompo was definitely the basis for the MOTOR COMPO, the Honda City was its other half, as if the two vehicles had been magically combined:

“We can definitely say that the original idea came from the Motocompo. Looking at the MOTOR COMPO now, it’s as if we combined the memories of both the City and the Motocompo to create an image to represent this new generation. This is a model that will definitely impact this young generation that doesn’t yet have its own image.”

Ultra Small, Ultra Light

The MOTOR COMPO’s total length and height are under 1 meter (39”), which makes it super compact. It also features a removable battery specifically designed to be used as an emergency power source in case of disaster (a common theme among current Japanese EVs, it seems).

The same nameless employee also pointed out that the front and rear wheels are different sizes – the hub motors mounted on the front wheel are designed to make the MOTOR COMPO a front-wheel drive vehicle.  As for how it handles – we’re not sure yet, but Honda’s current (Japanese) slogan of “Feels Great” is hopefully representative of the tiny EV.

Cute or a waste of space? I think it’s super cute myself – but let me know what you think in the comments below the gallery.

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