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Honda Reveals Electric CRF Concept (10 Photos)

Honda Reveals Electric CRF Concept (10 Photos)
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If there was any lingering doubt that the future is going to be electric, Honda just put another nail in the internal combustion future’s coffin with the release of an incredibly sexy and obviously capable electric motorcycle concept this past weekend. Meet the Honda CR Electric concept, and understand that this isn’t a 125-equivalent trainer, like Yamaha’s electric concepts. This bike is intended to be a direct replacement for Honda’s awesome, bigger, and race-ready CRF250R. (!)

Launched at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show a few days ago, the concept seems to be based on a modified CRF250 aluminum frame. The electric motor appears to be liquid-cooled, with a pint-sized radiator featured prominently behind the race-spec suspension. Other bits, too– from the Renthal Fat Bars to the Showa forks and more– seem to signify that Honda has a real competitive intent with this bike.

The launch of this concept is a strong move from Honda in the wake of news announcing the inaugural Enduro E-Bike World Championship at the Trophee de France E-VTT Enduro at Privas, France. My guess? Honda’s in it to win it.

That’s just me, though– what about you? Is this a cheap PR move to generate clicks, or is Honda (finally!) getting serious about go-fast electric machinery? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | More Images: Enduro21; Australian DirtBike.

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