Honda’s MotoGP repli-racer was supposed to be ready for last year’s EICMA motorcycle Show- but the bike, expected to be called the RCV 1000 RR when it finally debuts, just wasn’t ready. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about an entry-level bike here. When it does debut, the Honda RCV 1000 RR is expected to carry a price tag well over $100,000. As such, the rumor mill is out of control, and there’s speculation of awesome power, advanced technology, and a worthy champion to carry the legacy of the oval-pistoned NR750. Still, as the guys at Asphalt and Rubber said, “if there is one thing we actually know about the machine, it is that we don’t actually know much about it.”

That’s true. Rather, it was true- because, thanks to a number of recently-released patent drawings, we now know quite a bit about the 1000cc V4 engine Honda plans to squeeze between the RCV 1000’s frame rails.

While this may just be patent-pr0n for gear heads, I assure you that this is cool. Take a look at the short cylinder head height, the high placement of the engine in the frame (aligning the mass and the roll center), and a forward cylinder head that many believe betrays an L-twin configuration, which is found on many Ducati road bikes. With all this tech- and for all those dollars!- a final horsepower output of more than 200 hp is expected, along with a top speed well in excess of 200 MPH.

If they can get all the parts to play nice, you can expect more practical, high-MPG road bikes from Honda down the road to use similar features, getting the most back for their buck displacement. Until then, take a look at the drawings, below, and get a sneak peek at the future of motorcycles.


Source | Photos: Asphalt and Rubber, via Motorpasion.