According to a recent patent filing unearthed by the guys at Ride Apart, the aggressive, chopper-style Honda Fury could be making a comeback next year … with a bit of a twist. That twist? The Fury will pack an automatic transmission upon its return.

First installed on the VFR1200F and VFR1200X in 2010, Honda’s “automatic” is actually am electronically operated Dual-clutch Transmission (DCT). Similar to the DCT used in Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen models, the Honda DCT uses two clutches– one on the “even” numbered gears, one on the “odd”– to produce lighting-fast gear changes that are both precise and smooth. The shifts happen when the onboard computer decides it’s time, or when the driver rider hit a shift button on the left handlebar.

Given the slow death of both the fat tire fad and the baby-boomers that bought those bikes, this might seem like a good way to attract new riders to the sport. That, or just buy a few more years of riding for the boomers.

What do you guys think? Are Honda’s automatic motorcycles the gateway to the next generation of two-wheeled riders, or just an appeal to the few remaining old guys still trying to ride? Check out this video, below, from Engineering Explained, then let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Engineering Explained | How Does a DCT Work?

Source | Images: Ride Apart.