Honda Concept B at Beijing 2014

Earlier this week, Honda introduced the world to its new Concept B. It’s a sporty little four door coupe in the currently-fashionable Mercedes CLS/Volkswagen CC/Audi A7/BMW Gran Coupe mould, and- being based on the new Honda Fit’s mechanical bits– it promises to punch well above its weight in terms of driving fun.

Of course, Honda has no plans to bring the thing to the US.

That’s the way things usually go with next-level awesome stuff from Honda. They listen to what enthusiasts want, build it, then refuse to sell it in the US- and it doesn’t matter if that awesome thing is a sporty electric convertible or a sikk, big-engine power cruiser …

Oh, yes.

… if it’s making the dollar bills in your pocket burst into flames (like the retro-tastic Honda CB1300 Super Bol D’or, above) you probably can’t buy it here in the US.

Honda expects to have a production version of the actually-kinda-looks-like-an-Insight Honda Concept B on sale in China in time for the 2016 model year, leaving the North American-built Fit to be the playful Honda of choice here in the ‘States. For those looking for a sporty Veloster alternative or new-age CRX, however, you won’t find it the Honda store. For now.


Source | More Photos: Paul Tan.