The Honda Clarity was first unveiled as a fuel-cell concept car in 2006. Honda manufactured the Clarity as fuel-cell only car from 2008 to 2014. In 2017, the all-electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) versions were released to great fanfare. Both models have been popular with drivers and have sold well. We discussed the Honda Clarity hack here and the best places to buy Honda Clarity rims here. Environmentally-conscious owners love the reduced dependence on gasoline and in turn, a reduction in their carbon footprint. Observant types will notice an “eco score” displayed on their dashboard. But what does this mean? A brief review of a few different forums reveals quite a bit of confusion. In an effort to help out our confused friends, here is the Honda Clarity eco score explained.

What does the Honda Clarity Eco Score Mean?

This is a great question that isn’t easy to find an answer to. On its website, Honda describes their Ecological Drive Display in the following way:

“Ongoing driving efficiency information includes the Ecological Drive Display, fuel economy history, real-time and trip average MPG readings, as well as energy flow display. The MID also shows your Eco Score and acknowledges when you have switched the ECON mode on or off. More information on these displays is available in the Ecological Drive Display video.”

Well, that clears things up. I literally could not find anything else about it on their website, although maybe I’m just a lousy researcher.

To the Forums!

When I’m in doubt and confused (which my wife will tell you happens quite often), I head to the real experts. Why horse around with the people whose only goal is to sell you a car when you can get the scoop straight from actual owners. I wasn’t able to find a perfect explanation for how exactly your eco score is calculated, but I did find this satisfactory¬†explanation in this thread on the Inside EVs forum.

In sum and part, the Eco Drive Display (on which your eco score is located) is an attempt by Honda to help develop you into a more electricity/fuel efficient driver. Honda tries to do this by encouraging less aggressive acceleration and braking. One poster referred to the eco score as a “shameless video game.” That made me laugh for some reason. Your eco score is built up as you drive the car so expect a bad score for the first several months at least. After a few thousand miles, the car’s software will evaluate your overall driving style and issue you your score. While the posters on the aforementioned forum wren’t too impressed, maintaining a decent eco score could conceivably be a good way to reduce energy consumption.

Who doesn’t like video games, shameless or otherwise?

Any Honda owners out there have opinions on your car’s eco score and/or the overall Eco Drive Display? Are these features useful or superfluous? What other features would you like to see in the Eco Drive Display? Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

Source | Image: Honda Motors