There are quite a few three-wheelers these days: Aptera, Myers Motors and ZAP! Motors. And while those companies seem to be blocked from government funding, it isn’t stopping designers like 22-year-old Alex Hodge from New Zealand from churning out kickass mods like the Hawk.

The Hawk concept is part fighter jet, part sports car, and looks like it’s balls-out fun! The concept is built around the 999cc Honda RC51 V-twin engine has 10,000 rpm, 120 hp and a top speed of 144 mph.

It has a fiberglass body with a pod-style cab, comes trimmed in lightweight plastics and leather. And it all rides on 19-inch alloyed wheels equipped with twin rear and front disc brakes. Oh, and did you look at the pictures…it’s freakin hot!

But here’s the half empty, you Batman-a-bes won’t be seeing this concept anytime soon. Sorry. Have to save the mantyhose for another day.

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