It’s already been established the celebrities are big fans of the Tesla Model S and Elon Musk, with stars like Cameron Diaz and Seth Green getting their own electric luxury sedans. One particular sect of pop culture seems especially infatuated with Tesla though, specifically hip-hop and rap artists.

Grist put together a look at recent rap songs by well-known and established artists like Common and 50-cent rapping about electric cars, and Tesla specifically. It makes sense once you think abot it though.

Rappers are traditionally some of the biggest car nerds on the planet (I’ve seen enough episodes of MTV’s “Cribs” to know), and they often have the fanciest, newest cars that money can buy. Jay-Z was recently spotted alongside a murdered-out Tesla Model S, a car that falls right in that sweet spot of being both expensive and the current hot “must have” vehicle in the automotive world. So it’s no surprise to hear 50-cent spitting out lyrics in “The Beauty of Independence” that “I ain’t a BMW, I’m elecTRICK”. 50 loves cars, and having him on the EV bandwagon can only help.

Then there’s Common who flows in “Hustle Harder” that “She know trends, she know when, she go in, like an investor, yes sir, never get gassed like a Tesla, ain’t about all that extra…” Just like I said, Tesla is the hottest trend in the car world right now…and Common knows it too. Childish Gambino, CunninLynguists, and Canibus also make mention of electric cars of Tesla in recent releases as well, to name a few. FOr those of you not keen on the goings-on in the rap world, trust me when I say that these guys hold sway over huge audiences.

That’s just a couple of examples of rap’s growing love affair with electric cars, and the Tesla Model S seems to be the ride of choice among rap’s elite. Hell, Kanye West even gave Elon Musk a shoutout at Bonnaroo, and popular culture often follows trendsetters from the hip-hop community. Jay-Z could be just as important to Tesla going mainstream as Elon Musk, if you can imagine that.