The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 is (almost) around the corner – and December 2nd-11th is going to see a number of electric and hybrid vehicles shown off. One of the automakers joining the trend is Hino Motors, with a small commercial electric van and the Dutro Plug-in Hybrid.

Hino’s small electric van prototype – as of yet unnamed – is a short-range optimized “One Box Van.” The boxy shape incorporates a compact electric motor in the front (not much of a hood, hence the moniker), instead of a more familiar long hood housing a combustion engine. The prototype is meant to take advantage of densely packed urban areas where a power outlet is never too far away.

The Dutro Plug-in Hybrid truck charges its batteries by plugging into a wall (of course). The batteries can be directly charged from an external power supply to increase the range of the vehicle’s electric motor. The flow of electricity can also be reversed in case of emergency in order to power other things.

Hino Motors will display a total of 7 vehicles in their booth – 5 electric vans and 2 Dutro Hybrids, meant to embody the theme of “To the People – Wonderful, Kind, User-Friendly.” The company hopes to reach customers who might not have many opportunities to learn about electric vehicles with a short guided tour of the EVs on display, and impress upon the public the idea that commercial vehicles should be environmentally friendly.