Farm tractors and other off-road vehicles are a major source of pollution, and getting them switched to cleaner power sources would help protect our food sources. The lightweight KULAN electric tractor was created by Germany’s POLY-LAB, and despite weighing just about 300 kg, or about 660 pounds, the largely-plastic tractor can haul one metric ton, or over 2,200 pounds.

POLY-LAB came up with the idea of crossing an electric quad with a versatile design aimed primarily at hauling bundles from the fields back to the farmhouse. The light tractor market is small but growing, and while it won’t replace the huge diesel-powered rigs that do the dirty work like trenching and harvesting, it will make working in protected areas a lot easier. Rated at 186 miles of driving per charge (thanks mostly to a low speed), the KULAN has plenty of range to cover a full-day’s work. For the green farmer who needs a heavier-duty rig though, there’s always this hydrogen-powered tractor from New Holland.

But can it tow? Will it come with special attachments? Are bigger models planned? These questions and more will follow in the wake of this tractor…FROM THE FUTURE!