H2Go Fuel Cell Car Makes Great Eco Christmas Gift for Kids (and Dad)


OK, I know this isn’t strictly the type of car that you’re used to hearing about on Gas 2.0. For starters, you can’t even drive it. But, with Christmas looming just around the corner, I couldn’t resist writing about this funky little hydrogen fuel cell-powered remote-control car.

Called the H2Go, this is a toy car aimed at teaching kids about alternative energy in a fun and exciting way. Forget falling for the classic disappointment of (duh) forgetting the batteries and having to wait till the shops open, this little number runs on a combination of solar and zero-emission hydrogen.

Heck, this looks like so much fun, it’s probably a good idea if Dad gives it a trial run or two first, just to make sure that everything’s running smoothly…

Not sure how long it’ll be before these little machines run out but, at a price of around $147.95, if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly Christmas gift you could do a lot worse. Shame about all that plastic though…

Image Credit – Coolest-Gadgets

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