Abbie Eaton the Grand Tour

Meet Abbie Eaton. She’s twenty-five years old, lovers her two pets called Marmie and Tillie, and hates tomatoes. She is also the latest addition to the Grand Tour, where she will be replacing Mike “the American” Skinner as the show’s new hot shoe driver. Which makes the following all the more relevant: Abbie Eaton is a seriously fast driver.


Abbie Eaton Talks Racing

Eaton was the 2009 Production Touring Car Champion in the UK, as well as the Mazda MX-5 SuperCup Champion in 2014 and the first woman to win a race in the AM cup GT3 class behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GT3 at Monza. So, yeah. Abbie is faster than you- and that’s a fact she’s been trying to prove for some time, now.

“I’ve raced for 15 years now, starting in karts aged 10 and then after 4 years moving into cars,” Abbie told Junior Torque in an interview back in April. “My first racing car was a Saxo which I raced in the Junior Saloon Car Trophy for a couple of years finishing 3rd. I then moved into the Production Touring Car Trophy in 2009 and won the Class B Championship with 15/18 wins … After that I had a few years with the odd race here and there in Mazda Mx5 Cup due to budget restraints, before doing (my first) full season in the Mazda Mx5 SuperCup Championship in 2014.”

In that same interview, Eaton shares some of her favorite racing moments and some opinions about racing in the rain, too. “Highlights of my career, so far, are winning the Mazda Mx5 SuperCup and securing the Ferrari Blancpain drive,” she says. “I also really enjoyed driving at Silverstone last year in British GT in the pouring rain – poor weather conditions are my favourite, that’s when you can tell who can drive, and who is riding on a decent car/setup.”

You can check out the full interview with the new star of the Grand Tour by clicking here, and let us know what you think of the boys’ choice of shoes in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Sources | Images: Grand Tour Nation, Junior Torque.