GM Holden Ute ElCamino

We’ve been clamoring for the big automakers, Ford and GM, to bring the small, more fuel-efficient pickup trucks they’ve been offering overseas for years now. We’ve lusted after Ford’s Euro-market diesel Ranger, and we’ve dreamed about tooling around in GM’s new-age ElCamino, currently based on Chevy’s SS platform marketed in Australia as the Holden Ute. Instead of pleasing the faithful, however, GM has decided to do the opposite: they’re killing the Ute in 2016.

So, let’s say you’re an Australian or a New Zealand Kiwi and you happen to have access to a Holden Ute. Obviously, you’ll have to buy a new Holden Ute in the next 18 months or so (because the 2016 model year will “start” in early 2015), and you’re going to have to keep it running for at least a million miles. Maybe three million- we know it’s possible.

In addition to being a moral imperative for all gar-guys (and gals!), saving a Ute is going to make life easier. For one, it gets much better mileage than the unwanted (but more profitable) GM trucks that are sure to get foisted on the Aussies. For another, you can pack a Ute with stuff. Just look at all that stuff …

Holden Ute

… that’s a lot of stuff, right?

Right! Granted, it’s mostly alcohol- but I’m mostly sober as I write this, so the possibility of filling the back of a Holden Ute up with groceries, diapers, and/or a pair of mopeds seems equally acceptable (if unlikely).

Now, you’ve decided to do the right thing and buy yourself one of the last of the new-age ElCaminos. Congratulations on your new Holden Ute. It’s awesome, and we’re jealous. That done, you’re going to have to take care of the thing, and that means plenty of oil changes, proper “A” and “B” maintenance cycles (in Mercedes-speak), proper tires, access to parts, etc. Since you’re already in Australia, go over to Beaurepaires’ main site and find a local shop (they have nearly 300 across Australia) and the Dunlop Super Dealer website. We like them because they track your purchases and services across stores, so you don’t need to dig through a pile of receipts to know how old your shocks are or when the last time you rotated your Ute’s tires was. We also like them because they’re committed to recycling old tires, used oil, even the cardboard boxes stuff comes in- something they play up on their website and that we (“we” being Important Media publisher, Scott Cooney) has personally vetted as being “more than just greenwashing”.

If it’s good enough for the boss … you know?

So, you know what to buy. You know where to take it. Get to it- and if you send us any odometer photos showing more than 100,000 miles on your Holden Ute, we’ll post ’em on our Gas 2 Facebook page! Until then, here’s a few photos from AutoGuide’s recent Ute road-test to help you decide on a color. Enjoy!


Sources | Photos: AutoGuide, GM Authority, Beaurepaires.

This post was supported by Dunlop Super Dealer and Beaurepaires.