Electric Land Rover Defender

Land Rover’s UK line-up has always been sexier than the leather-stuffed luxo-barges the company sends Stateside, from bare-bones, go-anywhere Defender off-roaders to 40 mpg diesel Range Rovers. The big electric Land Rover Defender concept that’s bowing at this week’s Geneva show, however, might have a better chance to cross the pond than you might think.

If California maintains its ZEV mandate, then Land Rover will pretty much have to bring over an electric something is what I’m getting at.

As for this electric Defender concept, it remains true to its 4-wheel drive roots with a modified version of the company’s Terrain Response System, which the company has been testing under extreme conditions. How extreme? Land Rover says that the electric Land Rover has successfully pulled a 12-ton “road train” up a 13% grade hill in trials, and can wade to a depth of nearly 3′ without putting the electric drive systems in jeopardy – and can do so for nearly 8 (eight!) hours on a single charge!

Antony Harper, Head of Research at Land Rover, said: “This project is acting as a rolling laboratory for Land Rover to assess electric vehicles, even in the most arduous all-terrain conditions. It gives us a chance to evolve and test some of the technologies that may one day be introduced into future Land Rover models.”

Here’s hoping, then. You can check out a few more photos of the electric Land Rover, below, with more news expected once the Geneva show gets rolling.


Source | Photos: AutoExpress.