In the Toy Box: Nio EP9 Gets Miniaturized

With a top speed of more than 190 MPH and the ability to sprint from 0 to 120 MPH in just 7 seconds, the Chinese-built NIO EP9 is a staggering machine. A machine that pushes the envelope of automotive performance– electric or otherwise– every time it heads out onto the track, and that’s seemingly any track, as the car held lap records at the Nürburgring and the Circuit of the Americas. Now, the EP9 is set to break records on a new track: the one in your living room. NIO is partnering with slot-car makers Carrera to bring a micro-sized EP9 to a toy store near you. Each of the miniaturized EP9s features true-to-life bodywork, working headlights, and– in what may be a first for the slot car hobbyist community– a power train that actually has a lot in common with ...

Gardening Green: 5 Companies Committed to the Environment

This weekend I plan on doing yard work. Lots and lots of yard work. I haven’t always enjoyed getting outside and getting my hands dirty. When I was a young man I hated working outside. The older I get however the more I appreciate being out in the sunshine and the quiet outdoors. Maybe it’s because I get to have a few hours to myself without my kids screaming at me. The world may never know. At any rate, in an effort to promote companies that care about our environment here are five vendors in the home and garden industry that are dedicated to being green. 1. Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® How lucky am I to live in a climate where I need both a snow blower and a pressure washer (to rid the outside of my house of algae)? Fortunately, Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® have me covered.  Located in Carls...

When the Gas Runs Out, All the Gearheads Will be Kiwis

When the Gas Runs Out, All the Gearheads Will be Kiwis, because the best downhill luge kart racetracks are all in New Zealand, apparently.