Tesla news is always exciting. Whether it’s the number of deliveries in a particular quarter, new Tesla product releases, how international audiences are responding to the Tesla phenomenon, rumors about Tesla employees’ discontent, or supercharger access, Tesla news always gets us fired up. This week was no different. The company that has captured our imaginations about what the future of sustainable living and transportation can look like, Tesla is often identified as the most innovative company in our midst.

And why not? Tesla news constantly includes headlines about the future-is-now energy-producing technologies and modes of transportation. They’ve improved their current line of vehicles, added to their catalog in 2017 with the Model 3, deepened their renewable energy impacts with the acquisition of SolarCity (albeit at financial risk), assisted Puerto Rico to regain electrical power access, and unveiled alternative electric-powered transportation the Tesla Semi or the far-out idea of the Hyperloop. Tesla has consistently moved closer and closer to the truly sustainable future that Elon Musk envisions for the world. And the marketplace has always generally responded positively.

So we’ve devoted this “Gas2 Week in Review” to Tesla news. A three-part series deconstructs exclusive video footage of a Tesla Model 3 that our writers secured from Trevor Page of the Model 3 Owners Club. Trevor and his YouTube co-host Kenneth Bokor shot 70 minutes of the Model 3 over two days, beginning at the front of the car and detailing every part of it — inside and out — all the way to the back bumper. Our writers report on the exterior, interior, intricacies of the touchscreen, and the ride & drive of a Tesla Model 3. In global Tesla news, it was announced this week that Tesla will be building a factory in China— but without the country’s mandated in-country partnership. What? How can that be? Read on. And, if all this Tesla news talk has whet your appetite for owning a Tesla, you have a chance. The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is raffling off a Tesla Model X as part of its overarching mission to educate the public about solar energy and to advocate for renewable energy legislation in Illinois.

Here are those stories and more on this week’s edition of the “Gas2 Week in Review.”
Tesla news

Model 3 Deep Dive Video From Model 3 Owners Club — Part One

Anybody who has dreamed about owning a Tesla Model 3 or who is on the verge of reserving one needs to read this three-part series. A video provided by the Model 3 Owners Club, which is the most comprehensive and accurate source of information about the car available to date, has been broken apart and analyzed by three of our best writers. If you want access to careful measurements, testing all the controls, interior dimensions, seat descriptions, views out the panoramic glass roof, peeks at the underside of the car, and a real lot more, here you go.

In part one of the series, the exterior and some of the interior of the car is examined. Click through the original article to see descriptions of the following:

  • LED headlights;
  • front fascia;
  • disguised roof rack attachment points;
  • windshield wipers;
  • outside and inside door latches;
  • trunk dimensions and lid;
  • front license plate panel;
  • charging port;
  • soft lug nut covers; and,
  • underside.

Model 3 Deep Dive Video From Model 3 Owners Club — Part Two

This second of three articles based on video from Trevor at the Model 3 Owners Club looks at the interior and touchscreen details. In this 2o minute segment, you’ll see:

  • legroom and headroom space definitions;
  • passenger headrest, armrest, and cupholders;
  • synthetic leather that’s green-friendly;
  • latch mounts for child safety seats;
  • USB ports with nearby seat storage pockets;
  • glass roof;
  • 12-way power adjustable driver’s seat;
  • center console with USB ports, phone docks, storage area, and cupholders;
  • dashboard wood trim, speakers, and dashcam mounting;
  • overhead console and sun visors;
  • HVAC;
  • touchscreen;
  • charging; and,
  • vehicle controls, multimedia, and camera.

Model 3 Deep Dive Video From Model 3 Owners Club — Part Three

In this third of three articles, you’ll get a close-up-and-personal review of the remaining exterior footage of the Model 3 as well as a ride & drive analysis.  Here are the featured details:

  • windshield wipers;
  • touchscreen glare quotient;
  • control stalks;
  • unlocking the Tesla app on your phone and phone app functions;
  • sunshade protector;
  • plugs/ adapters;
  • driving features like peripheral vision sight capacity and touchscreen visualization;
  • glass roof light protections; and,
  • a nimble, fun, and impressive drive!

Tesla Factory In Shanghai Confirmed

The free trade zone outside Shanghai will be the site of Tesla’s first factory in China. Tesla will be the sole owner of the factory, which is unique in U.S./ China manufacturing history. That’s because, until now, China has required all foreign manufacturers to partner with a Chinese company before building a factory within the country. So what’s Tesla’s special relationship with Shanghai? By choosing not to partner with a local manufacturer in China, Tesla will still be subject to the same 25% tariff that applies to all cars imported into China. Yes, on one hand, that’s a hard financial pill to swallow. However, it also means that Tesla will retain its sacred proprietary rights, which is an essential feature of the Tesla Big Picture.

The announcement comes with the backdrop of China’s place as the world’s largest vehicle market. The country also has quite aggressive targets for electric cars: seven million electric vehicles a year by 2025. If the market for electric cars continues to soar, as Chinese officials hope it will, there could be other Tesla factories in China in the future. China’s shift to EVs comes as the country has no other real transportation choice if it wants its citizens to have access to cars without jeopardizing air quality in its cities.

Illinois Solar Energy Association Raffles Tesla Model X

If you’d like the opportunity to win a Tesla Model X, join in the fervor at this link, sponsored by The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). This non-profit association, which is dedicated to educating the public about solar energy and advocating for renewable energy legislation in Illinois, is in its fourth year of raffling off a Tesla. ISEA connects the Tesla model to the concept that an EV powered by solar is a really efficient way to get where you want to go without generating harmful greenhouse gases. Previous ISEA raffles had offered up the Tesla Model S, so the change to own a Tesla Model X is new to their hopeful audience. The raffle, which runs until December 7, 2017, has a limited number of tickets for sale. Please note that every single one of the tickets must be sold in order for the car to be transferred to the winner.