This weekend I plan on doing yard work. Lots and lots of yard work. I haven’t always enjoyed getting outside and getting my hands dirty. When I was a young man I hated working outside. The older I get however the more I appreciate being out in the sunshine and the quiet outdoors. Maybe it’s because I get to have a few hours to myself without my kids screaming at me. The world may never know. At any rate, in an effort to promote companies that care about our environment here are five vendors in the home and garden industry that are dedicated to being green.

1. Snow Joe® + Sun Joe®

How lucky am I to live in a climate where I need both a snow blower and a pressure washer (to rid the outside of my house of algae)? Fortunately, Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® have me covered.  Located in Carlstadt, NJ, Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® manufactures quality outdoor machines for all seasons. According to the company’s website, they are “committed to making a positive impact on the environment by helping consumers choose alternative sources to gas power. By developing electric and battery-operated tools that perform as well as, if not better, than their gas-powered counterparts, Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® are helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint and gain an eco-conscious perspective to lawn, garden and yard care.” Sounds good to me!

2. Stanley Black and Decker Inc.

As the parent company of giant brand names Black and Decker, DeWalt, and Craftsman, it seems odd that Stanley Black and Decker Inc. would end up on our list. Large conglomerates aren’t usually known for their dedication to environmental issues but Stanley Black and Decker Inc. appears to be taking a different approach. The company states on its website that  they aim to stay “Ahead of climate-, waste- and water-related influences. Our 2030 targets of becoming carbon positive, achieving zero waste to landfill and sustainable water use across our operations is our response to making a lasting positive difference for communities and our world.”

3. Vital Earth®

I HATE using harsh chemicals in my garden and on my lawn. The thought of my kids and I playing in and around them makes my skin crawl. Luckily, Vital Earth makes several natural, non-toxic products that won’t damage the environment. Located in White City, OR, Vital Earth uses locally sourced ingredients to make its products. On their website, the company claims: “Vital Earth’s® products promote sustainable agriculture practices, and by not using chemicals, a reduced carbon foot print.”

4. ARS Japanese Tools

Founded in 1876 in Sakai, Japan, ARS offers cutting tools for gardening and agriculture use. In 1998, ARS introduced their “Green-Papa” division that is still in operation to this day. This division was designed specifically to repair and recycle old tools with the aim of improving the company’s impact on the environment. That’s pretty impressive!

5. Plantonix 

Much like Vital Earth®, Plantonix offers plant and garden products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Much like Vital Earth® they are also located in Oregon. What is it about that state? According to their website, “The full line of products offered by Plantonix is composed of all natural and organic commodities for all of your gardening or farming needs. We want to help grow the belief in producing crops organically and that begins in the soil and soil amendments in which we provide to our customers.”

What do our readers think about these companies? Are there any others that you feel should have made the list? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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