There are few things in life as purely fun as riding the absolute piss out of a Honda Monkey 125. One of those things might, however, be the little beach-combing runabout you see here. Yes, I know– it’s a Honda Monkey. But, crucially, it’s a Honda Monkey fitted with almost impossibly well-made, 3d printed custom aluminum body parts that make the bike both more practical AND better looking!

This particular Monkey goes by “Jane”, and is the product of French design firm, VIBA. VIBA has plans to build a limited run of 23 Jane-styled Honda Monkeys, all of which will feature the same cargo-friendly numberplate deal with the HID headlight integrated underneath.

Other than VIBA’s 3d printed custom bodywork, there’s nothing super unique about the Jane. The suspension, engine, and exhaust are 100% Honda, but it seems like the must-have Yoshimura exhaust will still bolt on. So, there’s that.

You can see VIBA’s Jane in the photo gallery, above. The pictures show off some of the company’s slick aluminum printing work, as well as a bright orange NES light pistol. All of which is to say: this thing’s awesome. Check it out!


Source | Images: VIBA, via Motorpasión.