Despite hovering at or near the bottom of the barrel in terms of reliability and build quality, there is plenty to love about the little Fiat 500. It was a sellout success when it initially returned to the US, it gets decent fuel economy, is easy to park, and the styling would only fail to bring a smile to your face if you were truly dead inside. Still, sales of the 500 have slowed– but they might kick back up again if Fiat puts its new Spiaggina concept into production!

“Spiaggina” can be loosely translated to mean “beach buggy”, and you can see why. The Fiat 500 Spiaggina concept has no roof, a low-cut windshield, a boat barchetta inspired, teak-lined cargo area, and a fun, hose-it-out interior. There’s even a shower hose so you can wash the sand off your feet before getting in!

The best part of the little concept’s design, though, is that retrotastic bench seat. If there’s anyone at Fiat listening, I would jump at a new 500 with a bench like this– it suits the car perfectly. But, sadly, when this concept makes it to production, it won’t have the bench seat.

I know that, of course, because Fiat used this concept to promote its “real” Fiat 500 Spiaggina ’58, which you can see in the photo gallery, below. It doesn’t have the low-cut windscreen, hose-out interior, or funky teak trunk, either. In fact, it’s pretty much just the same color as the concept– even more of that famous Fiat weak sauce, it seems like. But that’s just me– what do you guys think? Take a look at the concept, above, and the finished version, and let us know what you think how disappointed you are in the comments section.


Fiat 500 Spiaggina ’58

Source | Images: Fiat, via Petrolicious.